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Onoe Ukon II

Born on May 28, 1992 as the second son of Kiyomoto Enjudayu VII. His great-grandfather was Kabuki actor Onoe Kikugoro VI, and his maternal grandfather was popular actor Koji Tsuruta.
He made his stage debut in the role of Matsumushi in Maizuru Setsugekka at Tokyo’s Kabukiza Theatre under his real name of Okamura Kensuke in April 2000. He acceded to the name of Onoe Ukon II in January 2005 with his performance as O-Hisa in Ninjo Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi.

He is known particularly for his dance skills, winning high praise for his performance as the lion cub in Renjishi at Osaka’s Shochiku-za Theatre in February 2008 and in Motoyakko at the Kanamaru-za in Kagawa Prefecture in April 2008. He has trained intensely in Kabuki since his beginnings as a child actor, and his wide range of activity has made him one of the key hopes for the next generation. In January 2018, he assumed his father’s previous stage name Kiyomoto Eijudayu VII in the kiyomoto music world even as he was performing the lead role of Princess Terute in Sekai no Hana Oguri Hangan at the National Theatre under his Kabuki name Ukon II, planting his feet firmly and uniquely in both the traditional acting and music worlds.
He attracted new fans in the dual roles of Luffy and Hancock in Super Kabuki II: One Piece, a Kabuki version of the popular anime series, in Osaka and Nagoya in April-May 2018. He also took on his first modern drama in Quiara Alegría Hudes’ Water By the Spoonful in July 2018. He has further honed his skills since 2015 in his annual self-produced series Ken no Kai, further boosting his reputation among both the critics and public

2010   Special Performance Award,
New Year’s Kabuki Production
2011   Annual Grand Prix, Jūsanya Association
2017   January and July: Honorable Mention, National Theatre
2018   Award for Outstanding Performance, National Theatre
Matsuo Performing Arts Award for Drama
– Best Newcomer

Onoe Ukon II image
Onoe Ukon II image
Onoe Ukon II image
Onoe Ukon II image

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