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Onoe Ukon II image Momiji-Gari (The Maple-viewing Party), Sanjin.

Onoe Ukon II

Onoe Ukon was born on May 28, 1992 as the second son of Kiyomoto Enjudayu VII. His great-grandfather was Onoe Kikugoro VI. He made his stage debut in the role of Matsumushi in Maizuru Setsugekka at the Kabuki-za theatre under his real name of Okamura Kensuke in April 2000. He enjoys a high reputation for his performance in children's roles. He acceded to the name of Onoe Ukon II in January 2005 with a performance in the role of O-Hisa, daughter of Chobei, in Ninjo-banashi Bunshichi Mottoi.

He is particularly keen on dancing and was highly praised for his performances of the lion cub sprite in Renjishi, presented at the Shochiku-za theatre in Osaka in February 2008, and in Motoyakko, presented at the Kanamaru-za (the old Konpira Kabuki Theatre) in Kagawa Prefecture, in April 2008. He is continuing to train as a Kabuki actor set to play a key role in the Kabuki theatre in the years and decades to come, and has recently taken on roles such as Jiro in Koya-hijiri at the Kabuki-za in July 2008 and Suruga Jiro in Funa-Benkei at the Kabuki-za in November 2008.

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